Cabinet door style is one of the most important parts of choosing the right cabinetry for your kitchen.

The look of your kitchen cabinets will have a huge impact on the overall style of your kitchen. Discover a number of cabinet door styles and solutions, and find the right fit for the look and feel you want. There are many door styles to choose from, including corner, pocket, swinging and flip-up. Putting careful thought into the functionality of the kitchen and choosing cabinet doors that are easily accessible can add much value to the design. Choose the cabinet doors that’ll be used in your kitchen design. There are many styles to choose from and the style you select should reflect your kitchen, your home, and most of all, you.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Frosted Glass Doors

Add flair towards the cabinets with frosted glass cabinet doors. It is better than clear glass doors as it succeeds through hiding stuff behind it, giving them a hazy appearance. You can use it to camouflage your own pots and pans, and is especially good for create a warm, fuzzy atmosphere.


A lipped type door includes a groove which cuts all around the door on the back advantage. This is even tighter a healthy than the insert and has most of the same draw backs.

Traditional Overlay

The Traditional Overlay is the most common type of cabinet door. It is mounted so that it rests easily against the frame. The down-side of this type is that it offers more of a drag or pull on the hinges putting them on out faster.


A tambour cupboard door has many separate items that attached to a monitor allowing the door to slide open up. The down side to this type of door is that it can get off the monitor and become very difficult to open or even close.

Shaker door

The shaker door has made a name for itself because of it’s clean lines and flexible style. With a shaker door, you can add traditional details or keep it contemporary. It is really up to you! It can look “ikea-ish”, and so if you are going with custom cabinetry.