French Country style kitchen design creates an atmosphere which is warm and welcoming with the help of the natural materials and easy rural furnishings.

The French country kitchen design is a rich and alluring design, allowing you to make the most out of your kitchen space while creating a comfortable and friendly environment for your family. This design can help you achieve a sophisticated look in your kitchen, without actually spending a lot of money. Here are some simple tips on creating a French country kitchen.

French Country style kitchen design creates an atmosphere which is warm and welcoming with the help of the natural materials

French Country Kitchen Decorating Ideas

French Country Kitchen Decorating Ideas

and easy rural furnishings. This designer kitchen has the open shelves with cupboards to display antiques, dinnerware, earthenware, baskets, glass jars and other crockery items. The pots decorated in the kitchen are made of copper, cast iron etc. to create the rural look. The space of the entire kitchen is utilized to the maximum.

Country Style Materials

Materials for the cabinets would include wood materials with a natural, rough or anxious finish to wood to add to the country style. Cabinets built of painted, upset or naturally-finished wood can be beautiful when used in country kitchen design.


Everything about a French country kitchen invokes a natural vibe. Colors should enhance the natural wood not take away from making it the focus. The walls of a French country kitchen are typically a crisp white or buttery yellow accents come in cobalt blue or rooster red.



Accessories for a French country kitchen are almost always functional. A tall terra cotta or copper vase serves as countertop storage for spatulas and other cooking utensils. Open, freestanding racks made of copper or wrought iron hold plants as well as placemats, napkins, and serving bowls.

Country Kitchen Furniture

Antiques and old articles can be used even with the scratches and chips. Imperfection in the materials will in fact add to the charm and rustic look in the country kitchen design.

Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Kitchen Decorating Ideas


Abundant lighting is integral to the French country feel. Think wrought-iron chandeliers and lots of open windows to help light come flooding in whenever possible.


The overall country kitchen design needs to be planned in advance and the ideas and the pictures collected have to be noted down in the notebook. The planning stage is important and it is really fun to go through the different books and magazines while searching for the examples of the attractive looks for your kitchen design. This country kitchen design will reflect your personal taste and choice and will define your style among the spectators. This style will be remembered by the visitors for the years to come.