Kitchen wall colors can dramatically change the look of your interior. The colors must blend perfectly with existing elements of the kitchen.

Here are some tips on colors and color combinations for home kitchens. The kitchen paint colors should be chosen before purchasing any item of equipment, such as appliances, furniture or cabinets. The colors of a house are very important in creating a comfortable and quiet, just goes for the kitchen. The kitchen is the place where housewives spend a lot of time to prepare meals. It is also the environment where it meets the rest of his family to share moments. Therefore, the kitchen should be a warm and welcoming. Cooking food to make delicious dishes also depends on the mood of the chef or the cook and kitchen colors may very well make a difference. When choosing paint colors for kitchens need to be careful if you want to enjoy good meals every day. Here are some tips that will guide you through.

Tips for Choosing Kitchen Paint Colors

Tips for Choosing Kitchen Paint Colors

Importance Of Lighting

The first thing to consider when you decide which paint colors to use in your kitchen, is the amount of natural light in your kitchen. Choose lighter colors, or even white, if less natural light is available. Dark colors will make the room look darker and are just not suitable for small rooms. Do not forget artificial lighting. It changes the way colors look on different surfaces. Keep these factors in mind while choosing the paint colors for your kitchen.

Use Matching or Contrast

Painting the walls in a single color is definitely out of fashion. So, may be you could opt for a color scheme with two colors. You need to decide whether a contrast or a matching scheme is what you want. A contrast color scheme will have a color contrasting to the kitchen basics, like the cabinets, shelves, counter-top, and backsplash tiles. A matching color scheme will be a color similar to that of these elements. If you still want to stick to a single color, opt for different shades of the same color. Like a beige color scheme will complement the wooden cabinets. Lower half of the wall color contrasting to the upper half and a decorative tile design strip running at the center is also a great idea.

Rainbow Colors

Consider elements like cabinets, place mats, tiles, utensils on the dining table, etc. If you are a person who loves colors, then you can try to have each set in a different pastel color. Like green cutlery, red place mats, orange cabinets, and the works. Make sure the colors match well with the items near each other. Now, decide the wall colors. You can have the focus wall colored red or in any other bright shade. The wall with maximum colorful items can be kept white or silver. The kitchen is sure to look lively.

Yellow To Soften Bold Looks

Perhaps you are reaching for a bold design in your kitchen with brightly painted cabinets and stainless steel appliances. This is a great place to use a soft yellow to help reign in those looks.

Bright and Vibrant Colors For Kitchen Cabinet

Bright and Vibrant Colors For Kitchen Cabinet

Soft or Striking

You need to decide whether you want a soft look or a striking effect from the walls. Moreover, plan whether you want to have the walls on the backdrop of the kitchen units or you want the wall paint to look bolder. For a soft feel, use a paint that is two shades lighter than the kitchen units. In case you want a bold look, go for contrasting colors or darker shades than that of the cabinets. For the walls, not occupied by kitchen units, you can have a contrasting shade. Placing lamps at various angles on this wall can give it a classic shade effect. Remember, the empty wall is of equal importance, as it will be the most prominent one. For a softer look, opt for lighter shades of beige, lemon yellow, off white, blue, or green. For a striking look, bright red, maroon, silver, black, violet are your colors.