In the following article, we tell you how to clean Gas Stove- a very common and popular kitchen appliance. Read on for some of the best tips to help you get these Gas stoves Burners clean.

Whether it’s made of glass or gas, cleaning the stove can be tricky. Left alone, burnt-on food and grease can accumulate and be hard to remove. But, treated well, there is no better centrepiece for a kitchen. For a sparkling clean stove, follow the tips below.

It is true that many of us face the problem of a grimy stove and it stares in our faces to cause much discomfort. And if this problem is not tackled at the earliest, the stains start settling in and the stove will never look its best. So, how to clean brunt stove tops? Follow these guidelines for care and cleaning without damaging your gas stove.

Simple Tips to Clean Gas Stove Burners:

Tips to Clean Gas Stove Burners

Tips to Clean Gas Stove Burners

Baking soda and vinegar

You can clean stained areas on your stove through a combination of baking soda and vinegar. Sprinkle the soda on all the stained areas. When well-covered, spray vinegar on it. The reactions will start taking place, bubbles will form and there will be a lot of froth. Leave it like that for around 15 minutes. You need to be patient here. Now, use a toothbrush to brush off the stains. With a soft absorbent cloth, wipe off the grime and lather. Using a dry cloth, give the finishing touches.

Dish Soap

Apply dish soap to a small brush (a toothbrush is ideal for this technique!) and begin to work away the stain by moving the brush around in small circular motions.
Rinse away the mess with a damp rag.

Cleaning the Gas Stove Surface

Cleaning the Gas Stove Surface

Lime juice

While vinegar is an excellent cleanser, lime juice is second to none. In fact, if you prefer to go completely green and natural, use lime juice instead of vinegar. Lime juice is also acidic and serves the purpose pretty well.

Cleaning the Gas Stove Surface

To clean the surface of the Gas stove, you can prepare your own cleaning solution. Take some vinegar, baking soda, and lemon squirts and add them to hot water. Pour a little of this solution on the stove surface and scrub with a steel wool sponge.


I’ve lived in military housing and the stove had to be in immaculate condition when we moved out and one tip the housing inspector gave me was to use sandpaper after I had used a good oven cleaner to the rest of the baked on carbon off.