Choosing from an infinite number of kitchen cabinets color schemes can be both exciting and daunting.

Painting your kitchen walls is one of the quickest, and easiest ways to re-do a kitchen. Before you rush out and buy gallons of paint, think carefully about what your dream kitchen looks like. Experts agree that it’s not just the color on the walls that determine how a kitchen looks and feels. How the wall paint color relates to the cabinetry, countertops, tiles, molding, appliances, lighting and flooring is very important.

Various Kitchen Cabinets and kitchen cabinets colors

Kitchen Cabinets Colors And Their Popular Options

Kitchen Cabinets Colors And Their Popular Options

Different homeowner has different taste toward their property furniture, and this is including the table, chairs, sofa, and kitchen cabinets. To be able to fulfill the demand of various homeowners’ taste toward a kitchen cabinet, this piece of furniture currently is available in various designs, models, and colours as well. In general, the designs of kitchen cabinets are including modern or contemporary, retro, and classic kitchen cabinets. Based on the material used, kitchen cabinets are made of hardwood and stainless steel or other metals. According to the colors, kitchen cabinets are available in several varieties this is also coping with the design as well. Below are some popular kitchen cabinets colors.

Darkness color

In the exact opposite vein, sometimes adding just a few notes of a darker shade helps to ground a kitchen color scheme and add gravitas to the room. Here, a deep gray upper cabinet unit anchors the space and draws in the color from the adjacent accent wall.

Bold Hues

Another popular cabinet color is bold hues, that is including tangerine orange, yellow, cobalt blue, as well as candy-apple red. Especially for modern house or apartment with modern minimalist kitchen theme, these bold hues would be the best option. The idea of these colors would be to bring more cheerful ambiance towards the kitchen, and this is a suitable cabinet color if you have got kids at home. Another popular cabinet color is muted tone, that is mostly suitable for traditional kitchen cabinets colors.

Boost Color

Bold color and rich texture create a one-two visual punch that’s hard to resist. Here, a vivid turquoise island is dressed in beaded board that calls attention to its color and gives the kitchen another layer of depth.

Kitchen Cabinets Colors

Kitchen Cabinets Colors


White may be the classic color choice in kitchens. White cabinets provide the room a clean, timeless look, making a small kitchen seem bigger by reflecting more light than darker colors. White can also be the ultimate combination of neutrality and contrast; you can pair white cabinets with nearly any countertop without worrying about clashing colors, and white cabinets contrast dramatically having a darker countertop choice.


Green is really a versatile color for kitchen cabinets. Dark green paint gives cabinets an old-fashioned look, while lime green cabinets may reflect a homeowner’s quirky decorating personality. Think about using two shades of green on your kitchen cabinets; paint the doors a rather lighter hue than the cabinet boxes, for instance. Green accents natural wood colors since green and brown often appear together in nature, so consider leaving a wood island unpainted to own room a rustic accent.