Add a space for informal dining with this guide for designing a kitchen island with a breakfast bar.

Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar is great for preparing food or serving and entertaining. Add a pair of counter stools and you have a perfect spot for breakfast.Sure, a formal dining room is a beautiful space for entertaining guests during special occasions, but as you’re considering kitchen layouts, keep in mind that adding a breakfast bar at your kitchen island is a simple way to create a dining space for everyday use.all these pieces are equally suitable for serving quick meals, snacks and desserts. A breakfast bar island is a smart choice for a family that’s always on the go.

Design Considerations for a Kitchen Island with Breakfast Bar:

Kitchen Island With Breakfast Bar Design Ideas

Kitchen Island With Breakfast Bar Design Ideas

Open Kitchen Island

In case your kitchen and living area are combined, then this is the best-suited design. You can also make use of this design instead of having a separate dining room table. This additional piece of furniture will give you extra working space. They also come in designs with the sitting arrangement generally facing the living room.

Bar Top Island

How about combining your personal bar using the kitchen island. It can save much space and also give an elegant look. Bar top kitchen islands may be used to place your wine bottles and stemware combined with the food served. Some islands include cabinets for storing all of the bar accessories, and also provide enough working space.

Island Designs

This is one of the best options for maximum usage of resources. Such an island allows sufficient amount of leg space and ease to take a seat and have food. The table is from the level of a general dining table. For those who have limited resources, then you can make use of a farm table or any other type of table as a breakfast bar. Such type of arrangement, however, will not have enough space for cooking. Once you are done with having your food, the table can be used as cooking. A homely and inviting look is imparted to the kitchen.

L-shaped Island

L Shaped Kitchen Island Design

L Shaped Kitchen Island Design

The L-shaped island is definitely an extension of your kitchen cabinet. You will need to plan this bit of extension while building your cabinet itself. These cannot be incorporated afterwards. Also, they are not mobile. Maui uses minimum space, using the breakfast bar attached to the remaining cabinet.

Raised Island

Raised islands come with an elevated area for placing dishes, food, glasses, etc. Generally, the raised top is all about 18 inches wide. However, you’ll need these 18 inches for everyone food. Additional width will give you sufficient space for cooking. The main advantage of this kind of design is that the cooking area remains undisturbed. Also, there are designs available which have sufficient height to cover your sink and the kitchen area.