Backsplash ideally becomes common location where most focal points are installed to beautify the kitchen.

The kitchen is truly the heart of every home. It is the place where your family gets together each day and where you can always find your guests gathering when entertaining. Make it beautiful, make it special, and most importantly, make it distinctly yours. The tile in your kitchen backsplash is the perfect place to express your personality. StoneImpressions offers a wide range of choices you’ll be sure to find the perfect stone tile design for you. From Still Life, Landscape and Wine murals for a stunning focal point to our Pattern Tile Collection that vary from traditional to modern in a variety of colors, there is a little something for every style.

Kitchen Tiles Backsplash

Kitchen Tiles Backsplash


Backsplash ideally becomes common location where most points of interest are installed to beautify the kitchen. But usually there are still many people who don’t know where precisely the backsplash position is. If so, backsplash is an area that’s located between kitchen cabinets. Of course we all know that kitchen cabinetry is divided into two parts. They’re wall mounted and base cabinetry. And also the backsplash is located between them on your wall.

More contemporary kitchen backsplash ideas incorporates glass tiles as kitchen focus. Glass tiles have smaller dimension with glossy texture. It’s available in numerous color schemes and one of these is metallic. Then you can imagine what silver glass tiles backsplash idea would seem like. This metallic silver color scheme can make a small kitchen looks brighter and cleaner.

Kitchen Tile Backsplash Design

Glass tile Backsplash

Regardless of the frequency of its use, sparking, up-to-date and welcoming kitchen is the focal point of a household. A beautiful countertop, convenient cabinets, and attractive kitchenware are all indispensable items for a good kitchen. But for a spectacular kitchen, what you need is the perfect glass tile backsplash.

Rustic counter-to-ceiling Backsplash

Despite the fact that, normally, a backsplash ranges from the counter to the bottom from the wall cabinet, this is not necessarily the only real case. If you want to protect the region above the sink or stove, you are able to opt for a backsplash that goes up to the ceiling. You can use porcelain tiles inside a color that matches the rest of the kitchen and obtain a beautiful, uniform look.

Kitchen Tiles Backsplash Ideas

Kitchen Tiles Backsplash Ideas

Vertical lines

If you wish to create the impression of a higher ceiling and also to also use pattern in your kitchen design, you should use vertical panels to create the backsplash. Wrinkles will allow it to stand out and, should you also use matching furniture, the image is going to be uniform and cohesive. You may also make the backsplash match the ceiling and make up a connection through color.

Penny tile focal point

Another simple method of making the backsplash the focus of your kitchen is to use eye-catching patterns. For instance, this penny tile backsplash is straightforward and yet it immediately sticks out. The glazed tile is available in sheets and it’s easy to install. Because the pattern is already eye-catching, it would be better to choose a neutral color, perhaps something light so the pattern can be the star from the design.