Refinishing your own kitchen cabinets is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to improve the look of your kitchen.

How to Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets With Easy Tricks

How to Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets With Easy Tricks

Refinishing kitchen cabinets can be a simple, inexpensive project that’s done over the course of a few weekends to create a whole new look that transforms your kitchen into a favorite gathering spot for the whole family. Planning and updating kitchen cabinets can produce a remarkable kitchen makeover in a few days over a long weekend. We’ll give you a basic overview of refinishing kitchen cabinets, and clues on where to start.

Refinishing your kitchen cabinets is a relatively easy DIY project. The process is similar to that of refinishing furniture. All that you should get started are a few supplies, tools, and a workspace where you can perform the refinishing. Follow these steps to get the job finished right the first time around.

Remove cabinet doors and hardware

The first step in this process is to go ahead and take doors off your cabinets. Get out your screwdriver and go to it! You may need an extra set of hands to hold the cabinet doors when you remove the hinges. Next, take away the door hardware if your doors have pulls. Put all of your door pulls and hinges in a safe place if you plan on reusing them.


When painting kitchen cabinets you should always use a primer first. Primer will help protect your cabinets, and it will also create a smooth best to help you get better adhesion and truer color from your paint. When applying primer, just as you did with the sandpaper, move in the same direction as the wood grain for best results.

Apply your finish

Choose your new finish from the myriad of stain and paint colors available and stick to the directions on the container. If you choose paint rather than a varnish or stain, choose an oil-based paint which stacks up to wear, tear and water a lot better than latex paint.

Replace cabinets and hardware

Should you bought new door and drawer pulls, they most likely can fit into the holes which are already drilled. Otherwise, replace all of the hardware that you kept careful tabs on, and use that extra set of hands again to help you fit the cabinet doors back again. Stand back, and admire your handiwork.