The kitchen remodeling ideas 2016 mentioned in this article will help you give your kitchen a fresh look and make it more luxurious. So, keep reading to know about some ideas

Many small kitchen remodeling ideas sacrifice an attractive and usable layout for stacking as many appliances and storage on top of one another as possible.However, having a kitchen that looks nice and that you don’t mind spending time in is also important. An experienced architect can help you identify creative ways to maximize space in one of the most popular rooms of your home. Here are three kitchen remodeling ideas to consider.

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas

If you are looking for popular backsplash ideas for how to design a beautiful kitchen yourself, look no further. Whether you are working with a large open layout or small kitchen remodeling ideas, our expert tips and tricks will help you to create a gorgeous new space that flows well and serves each of your functional remodeling needs. The centerpiece of any kitchen decor is cabinetry. These do it yourself essential home design elements are available in an endless variety of remodeling plans, sizes, colors, styles and finishes. For 2016, the best kitchen countertops and cabinets are those that provide ample storage as well as beautiful décor while incorporating the latest new design concepts. Whether you decide to replace your old models or refurbish outdated painted kitchen cabinets yourself, revamping this feature will have a dramatic effect on the overall look of the space.

Foldable Table

A small kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean that you should avoid having a breakfast table. You can install a foldable chair on to the wall and can use it whenever needed. Also, this is an excellent idea to spend some family time in the kitchen itself.

Baskets And Holders

Install baskets or holders on the sides of your cabinets. This can act as an excellent Storage space for small kitchen items. Also, this will help to use the otherwise overlooked spaces on the sides of the cabinets. You can also install these on the inside of cabinet doors.

Small kitchen countertops

Small kitchen countertops


Color can be used for many different purposes when painting in general, but especially in a small space. you can increase a small kitchen’s light intensity by using brighter-colored wood species for the cabinetry and neutral tones for the counters, as well as for the wall paint. One idea for the use of color in remodeling your small kitchen is to choose light, sunny colors such as light yellow or very light blue, even cream or light brown. White also creates the illusion of space, however, if used in excess or exclusively by its self, can appear sterile.

Wall Storage

Keep your kitchen utensils on the walls rather than the shelves. Instead of allowing the shelves to eat too much of your space, you can take advantage of the walls. You can use nails, or special wall mounts to store your kitchen utensils.


Compact and space-saving appliances are now all the rage and make small kitchen remodeling easier, such as refrigerators that are 24 inches deep instead of 30 inches deep.